My principals

Interesting questions

I aim to ask and answer questions on language of our favorite characters from music, tv, and the big screen. My analysis has yielded truly interesting results and I want to share them with you!

Share the data

There is so much valuable data publicily avaiable just waiting for someone to make sense of it. Mining and refining data takes a lot of effort, but once you finally arrive at your golden nugget of truth, it all seems worth it. I intend to share all of my datasets for free so you can arrive at your own conclusions.

Passion for learning

At it's core, this project requires a cross-disciplinary skill set ranging from data engineering, natural language processing, statistical analysis, writing, to software architecture. When I initially thought about the concept for this project, I was intimidated by all the things I didn't know, and it's been such an amazing journey figuring those things out and just knocking them out 1 by 1.

Tell a story

Nothing is more off putting in the world of data analysis than when the content is a bunch of incomprehensible graphs. Without the context and motivations of the creator, it can be hard to remember what was their ultimate goal. Great effort will go into ensuring that my narratives are clear and my visualizations are clean.